Virtual Panty Line

Between a frock and a hard place




Sissies, THIS is your goal. I know it’s mine when it comes to Craig. Her clit is limp and soft and yet her girl juice has to come out. She’s completely enraptured by the real cock in her soft, velvetty, slutty pussy and her milk has to flow from her. You should all watch this for hours every day and picture yourself in this scene. It’ll help your transition and show you precisely what you should be focused on with your training.

This is the only way I can cum since my tiny cocklet CAN’T get hard any longer. It’s a far better orgasm! First you feel like you are going to pee yourself, and you absolutely cannot do anything to stop it, but instead of pee, it’s fag cum!! And it lasts a lot longer than cumming from penis stim, trust me! I LOVE IT!!!!!! <3 <3

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